The prize pool of The International 2019 amounted $30,000,000!

It was achieved in 74 days. Especially big boosts in terms of collected money were on the 1st, 32nd, 51st, and 67th day when $5,819,288, $1,103,139, $2,898,448, $1,506,241 were collected, respectively. 

The prize pool keeps growing and it will be distributed among 18 participants of The International 2019. The distribution of grabs changes from a year to a year but one thing stays unchanged - the winner of the Dota 2 World Championship takes 44% of grabs. The pool will be finally formed at the end of TI9.

The International 2019 will be hosted on August 15-25. Twelve of eighteen teams have guaranteed themselves a slot in the tournament due to great results during the whole season Dota Pro Circuit 2018/2019. The rest of the participants made it through regional qualifiers.

The list of participants of The International 2019: