The International 2019: Team Liquid reached the next round of the lower bracket

The Bo3 standoff between Liquid and TNC was limited to two cards.

On the first of them, the game went pretty well for the Europeans. This is not to say what exactly Liquid was focused on. There was a juicy damage from w33 with Miracle, there were team ultimates from Tidehunter and Chen. The case was not without excellent initiation from Tusk. The perfect balance of the selected characters led KuroKy and his teammates to victory in 33 minutes.

In the second map, the emphasis was on the greedy farm for Anti-Mage, for which Miracle- played. The bet was played and the Jordanian perfectly performed on his hero, not having died on the second map even once. Despite this, the second card lasted longer. After 45 minutes, TNC wrote “gg”. The support of the Chinese public this time did not help.

If you missed this fight, you can find on our portal a repeat of the match and cutting of the most interesting moments by clicking on this link.

Team Liquid will fight Royal Never Give Up in the third round of the lower bracket. TNC Predator took 9-12th place in the main e-sports championship of the year.

The International 2019 runs from August 15 to 25. The total prize pool exceeds the figure of $ 33,700,000, and the main prize will be 45.5% of the collected funds.