The International 2019: Infamous abandoned tournament

The team of Clement 'Puppey' Ivanov won a landslide victory on two maps.

Infamous, like Royal Never Give Up, took 7th-8th place and received a cash prize in excess of $ 847,339 for their work. Team Secret entered the top 6 of the best participants of The International 2019. In the next round, they will compete with Vici Gaming for reaching the semi-finals of the lower bracket.

If you missed a match between Infamous and Team Secret, you can go to the match page to watch a repeat or cut of the most important moments of the match.

The International 2019 runs from August 15 to 25. In pursuit of the main cash prize in excess of $ 15,400,000, 6 teams remained. The total fund is $ 33,900,000 +.