The results of the fourth day of the playoffs The International 2019

The fourth game day of The International 2019 has come to an end, as a result of which Evil Geniuses, Infamous and Royal Never Give Up left the competition. In turn, “ Team Secret” and “ Team Liquid”, which won in their matches, remain afloat.

Team Liquid vs. Royal Never Give Up

The first map was completely dictated by the guys from Team Liquid - Kuroky and the company kicked off Io and immediately three heroes combined with it - Nightstalker, Gyrocopter and Tiny. At first, the game was fairly equal and some of them were gold, but by the 25th minute the “liquid” managed to farm key artifacts for their heroes and completed the map within the next 10 minutes. The second card can be called a “map of mistakes” because, due to constant errors by each of the parties, the meeting dragged on for 78 minutes and became the second longest in the framework of this event. The guys from Team Liquid were closer to victory the whole game and signature for Miracle Ark Warden helped punish Royal Never Give Up for mistakes.

Team Secret vs. Infamous

The meeting between Team Secret and Infamous turned out to be quite predictable, because Puppey and the company were much stronger than their opponents. In both cards, the “secret” raspik began with the Faceless Void and Tiny, to which the Peruvians responded with their signature heroes. In the game itself, the difference in the level of the game and the experience of performing on the professional stage affected, and Team Secret passed without difficulty to the next stage. By the way, perez on gold at some points reached the mark of 50,000 coins.

Team Liquid vs. Evil Geniuses

The meeting between the Liquid and EG teams could be called the “match of the day” and the teams gave us an excellent game. In the first map, Arteezy and the company dominated all the time, however, they lost several fights in a row and lost the throne. By the way, W33 played on the not very popular Tinker and performed pretty well, but this time without highlights. In the second game, “Evil Geniuses” sailed and we saw a completely one-sided match, where Team Liquid gained supremacy every minute, which led to the fall of the enemy throne.