Champion of The Ninth The International will receive more than $15,000,000

This year, the distribution of prize between participants was changed. Now the winner of the Dota 2 World Championship will receive a share of 45.5% of the total prize money. From the current fund, which is $32,976,500, the winner will accordingly receive more than $15,000,000.

Last year, the total prize money was $25,500,000, and the OG champion took $11,200,000 with him. The formation of the TI9 fund will end after the grand final of The International 2019. The money that will be raffled between 18 participants of The International 9 is collected through crowdfunding. 25% of the received Combat Pass sales are sent to the prize pool.

TI9 will be held from August 15 to 25 in Shanghai, China. 18 teams will share an amount in excess of $32,976,500. 12 of them received direct invitations due to the good results shown in the current season of Dota Pro Circuit. The remaining 6 participants made their way through regional qualifications.