Results of the first game day at TI9 in Europe and North America

Forward Gaming got five wins on the first day

North America

In North America Forward Gaming have already provided themselves with a slot as they performed with the result 5-0. They have a chance to repeat success of Vega Squadron and not to lose even once at the group stage of elimination matches. Beastcoast got to the second position by the score of 4-1, while J.Storm gained the third one with the result 3-1. Black Sheep and Kookaburra took the 4-5 place with the result 2-2. Meanwhile, Complexity Gaming won only one Bo1 meeting while they lost at three others. Old Suck Gaming and Team Xolotl complete the list of eight participants having the worst result 0-4.


Aachen City Esports had the best performance in this division. They completed the first day by the score 4-1. 2, 3 and 4 positions were taken by Hippomaniacs, Team Singularity and The Final Tribe, having 3 wins and 1 loss. The debut of MATUMBAMAN at Chaos Esports Club can't be called successful as this roster took the fifth place with the result 2-3 after the first day. Anti-MagE- and Bald took the 6-7 positions, having one win and three losses. The last place was given to six eight two.

The qualifiers in North America and China for The International 2019 are taking place from 11 to 14 July. At the qualifiers only one team from each of the regions will be chosen to go to Dota 2 World Championship.

The International 2019 will be happening on 15-25 August in Shanghai, China. The tournament will be held in the theme of ancient ruins and jungles and the main prize pool of the event exceeds $26,500,000.