Infamous qualified for TI9

The same as in case with Natus Vincere, the grand final of the South American qualifier included three maps and their duration could have been much better. Infamous needed 31 minutes on the first map and 38 minutes for each the second and the thirds ones to defeat their Brazilian opponents.

Recently NaVi and Mineski have also got qualified for The International 2019 at the CIS and Southeast Asia, correspondingly.

On 11-14 July, the other three qualifiers will take place: in North America, Europe and China.

The International 2019 will be taking place from 15 till 25 August in Shanghai, China. The holding place will be Mercedes-Benz Arena, and the event will be happening in the theme of ancient ruins and jungles. The total prize pool of the competition now exceeds $26,500,000.

List of participants: