The results of the second day of the playoffs of the stage of The International 2019

OG vs Newbee

OG showed a brilliant game worthy of performance at this year's main e-sports tournament. The European team opened its meta in the form of Io-Kerry and continues to use it after the completion of the group stage. It was in this way that the OG took the first card from Newbee. The second time they played more accurately and to achieve the goal they needed a few minutes more, but in the end OG won this fight and reached the semi-finals of the upper bracket.

Team Secret vs Evil Geniuses

Perhaps the most intense confrontation of today is the battle between Team Secret and Evil Geniuses. EG took the first card from Secret, after which the Europeans gathered their strength and brought the game in a draw. Clement 'Puppey' Ivanov's team approached the third map as a more obvious favorite than Evil Geniuses. Despite this fact and the fact that Dota Plus at some point evaluated Secret's chances of winning at 97% EG, they showed incredible performance and fortitude of the team. The team designed a comeback and defeated their rival.

Now Evil Geniuses will fight with OG. This match will be super principled for the team captain, Tal 'Fly' Aizik. In the past, he left OG, leaving his friendship with N0tail. The latter will try to beat the Israeli with all his might. Thus, Evil Geniuses vs OG will be the most interesting confrontation of tomorrow's gaming day, which we will be happy to watch. vs Royal Never Give Up

“Bears” destroyed all the hopes assigned to the team. The entire CIS community has remained dissatisfied. And how else should it react to how the Chinese rolled in 30 minutes on each of the cards? If the peak at VP was not bad, then the individual performance and macro game left much to be desired. The moral pressure on VP and RNG support in the hall did their job. “This is not our game” - we can hear from an interview with players for the third time in a row after their unsuccessful performance at TI. By the way, last year and the year before last took at least 6th place. In this case, they are located on line 9-12. The excellent game played by Royal Never Give Up allowed them to advance to the next round of the lower bracket, where they will fight with Team Liquid.

TNC Predator vs Team Liquid

Kuro 'KuroKy' Tahasomi does not intend to give up. He will try to earn another Aegis of Immortal in his career. This time, the TNC fell to the Europeans. On the first map, Liquid had a great draft stage and closed their rivals with a perfectly balanced peak, which included powerful nukes, excellent damage and initiation. They won at all stages of the game and easily defeated their opponents in 33 minutes. On the second map, emphasis was placed on Miracle- and its Anti-Mage. The bet was played and the Jordanian led Liquid to victory in 45 minutes. Now, Team Liquid will compete with Royal Never Give Up for reaching the top 6, and TNC Predator will be content with the 9th-12th place and a rather big cash prize of ~ $ 674,453.