Rumor: YawaR and SumaiL will change positions in the new season

According to the words received from LGDAmeFan, SumaiL will take the first position in the team, and YawaR, in turn, will leave the role of Kerry offline. It is not known for sure whether the brothers will represent one team, but the fact that Sumail and Yawar want to pave their way to success side by side in the same team is already known.

Sumail Hassan has been playing the Evil Geniuses tag all his life. He joined the team at the beginning of 2015 and immediately took off at the top, winning at DAC 2015 and The International 2015. His older brother Yawar did not differ in such success and stability. He changed several teams and earned over $ 340,000 in his entire career. For comparison, his brother SumaiL almost exceeded the bar at $ 3,600,000.

YawaR and SumaiL performed at TI9 with Newbee.TI and Evil Geniuses, respectively. The brothers took 9-12 and 5-6 places, receiving $ 686,602 and $ 1,201,505, respectively.