Patch 7.36a Turns Invoker into Dota 2's Most Challenging Hero: Data Analysis Reveals Action-Packed Gameplay

Since the release of patch 7.36a, Invoker has emerged as the most formidable hero in Dota 2, demanding the highest level of skill from players who dare to wield his power. This revelation comes from a Reddit user who meticulously gathered data and presented it in a revealing graph.


According to the data analysis, Invoker reigns supreme in terms of actions per minute, outpacing other heroes by a significant margin. Trailing behind are Visage and Arc Warden, both formidable in their own right but unable to match Invoker's demanding gameplay.

The complexity of Invoker stems from his unique combination of abilities and orbs, making him a challenging hero to master. Despite this, he has remained a staple in the meta due to his versatility and ability to dismantle opponents when utilized effectively. Players must maintain unwavering focus and a deep understanding of game mechanics to excel with Invoker on the battlefield.