Impact of Patch 7.36c on Dota 2 Matchmaking

The recent changes introduced in patch 7.36c are beginning to significantly influence Dota 2 matchmaking, leading to a shift in the heroes that players prefer. This patch has resulted in notable increases in the win rates of several heroes.

Rising Win Rates

According to statistics from Dotabuff, four heroes have seen significant improvements in their win rates:

  1. Broodmother: Currently the top hero in matchmaking with a win rate of 53.17%, which may continue to increase.
  2. Phantom Assassin: Despite her previous unpopularity, her win rate has surged by 2.87% in less than an hour.

Top Heroes of Patch 7.36c

The heroes that have benefited the most from the latest patch are:

These heroes are now becoming more favored by players looking to gain an edge in their matches.