Mason "mason" Venne's High-Stakes Gamble: Top 100 or Bust!

Mason “mason” Venne is on a mission: to break into the top 100 ladder within just a month. Should he fall short, the streamer has declared his intention to retire from the scene.

This bold proclamation comes directly from the renowned content creator and former esports competitor, who recently shared his ambitious goal with followers on Twitter.


Venne's journey in the world of professional Dota 2 spanned from 2013 to 2019, culminating in his departure from the Infamous roster, after which he transitioned to full-time streaming.

In the past week alone, Venne has dedicated himself to the challenge, logging an impressive 75 matches with an average win rate of 45.3%. With determination in his veins and eyes set on the leaderboard, Venne is poised to push himself to the limit in pursuit of his lofty aspiration.