Dendi Drops Out of Top 1500 in Dota 2 Rankings

Danylo "Dendi" Ishutin of B8 has recently fallen out of the top 1500 players in the Dota 2 ladder, now positioned at 1608th place.

Dendi Drops Out of Top 1500 in Dota 2 Rankings 1

In the past eight days, Ishutin played 54 matches, achieving a win rate of 50%. As of May 28th, his win rate stood slightly lower at 47.3%. His go-to heroes this season have been Shadow Fiend and Magnus, playing them in 11 and 9 matches respectively.

B8 has experienced a challenging start to 2024, failing to qualify for any significant tournaments and earning just $2,500 from tier-3 events in the first half of the year. Furthermore, the team did not receive invites to the closed qualifiers for both Riyadh Masters 2024 and The International 2024.

B8's next opportunity for redemption will be at the open qualifiers for Riyadh Masters 2024, which are scheduled to start on the evening of May 29th.