Daxak and Iceberg following Dendi suffered from a new kind of cheating by a streamsniper

Daxak and Iceberg are facing a new kind of cheating that Dendi has faced in the past. Streamsnipers are accused of using unknown software.

Using the cheat leads to disconnection from the server of the opponent's team or allies. Dendi has already complained to Valve about this problem, but a solution has not yet been found.

Streamsniping is a targeted tracking of the actions of the opponent, which he broadcasts live. For example, on Twitch or YouTube. In the gaming community, an extremely negative attitude has formed towards this type of activity, since it is regarded as dishonest play and fraud. Also, among the popular types of fraud, bets on your own team or the opponent's team can be noted. For such actions, players receive serious punishment.