The International 2022 team and player stickers have been added to the Battle Pass

The Battle Pass has been updated in Dota 2 to include stickers for teams and players from The International 2022.

Valve has released a new feature for the Battle Pass that allows you to support tournament participants: capsules with team stickers and player autographs. They feature all the teams and players participating in The International 2022 and last chance qualifiers.

Stickers do not expire and are available in four qualities - regular, shiny, holographic and gold. The top 12 teams from the pro season have been added in today's update, with the remaining 18 coming to the game next week. By completing collection pages, you can earn up to 16 Battle Pass levels.

Valve noticed famous players for their merits and teased Arteezy a little with his frequent getting stuck on the hills

You can collect team stickers by placing them on collection pages. Completing 1, 5, 10, or all 30 Team Tiers will earn you up to 16 Battle Pass Tiers. In addition, you can make a team page a favorite so that you can share all the stickers associated with it on your profile page, or place a sticker from the arsenal in your profile card. And if you want to express your sympathies right in the game or declare that you own a hero as well as a professional player, you can assign a sticker to a certain hero so that it is displayed on the screens of opponents and top players. Show everyone that you play Enigma like a DJ, that your Magnus is no worse than Collapse, that you are comparable to Puppey in terms of Chen microcontrol, and that your Terrorblade chooses the position in the battle as Arteezy - on the hero page you can assign him a sticker of your favorite player or commands.

The sticker capsules are available for purchase in the new sticker shop, and teams in the capsule will receive 50% of the sales. Stickers obtained in this way can be exchanged and sold. Also, sticker capsules are given at levels 1, 150 and 300 of the battle pass.