True Sight about Team Spirit's victory at The International 10 may be released on September 24

On the night of September 20, a local update was released in Dota 2 . In the patch, Valve worked on localization, and it seems that all this is for a reason.

In addition to improvements in the perception of the game in Brazilian, Czech, Danish, English, French, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Ukrainian and other languages, Dota 2 will feature films from the True Sight series from previous years. In the game client, from September 20 to 24, Valve will show True Sight with Kiyv Major, The International 2017, The International 2018, The International 2019 and, finally, The International 10.

The latter is especially interesting, since almost a year has passed since the final of the last tournament. Before the start of TI 2022, it's time to remember the past, and at the same time hold a small PR campaign for the upcoming tournament.

True Sight about The International 10 will open the curtain of secrets regarding the inner workings of PSG.LGD and Team Spirit in the TI 10 finals. Maincast employees also worked on the picture, and it is interesting to see from the upcoming show what impact the Team Spirit coach made to the victory Silent, and look at xiao8's reaction after 0-2 at the start of the grand final.