Entity - champions of The International 2022: Western Europe Qualifier

The last qualifications before The International 2022 in Western Europe have come to an end. For 5 days we watched 12 teams and their struggle for a place in the main event of the entire discipline. Today in the grand finals, EntityfacedTeam Secret, and the result was extremely unexpected. For 3 maps, one of the teams completely dominated the opponents, and below we will tell you in detail about the last match.

The first map started with a FB for Entity, to which the Secret responded immediately. Then the teams began to actively fight, and often the skirmishes ended in favor of the first. After 10 minutes, Team Secret began to completely lose ground, occasionally taking the hero of the opponents, while losing 2-3 of their own. At the 17th minute, Entity took Roshan, after which they began to advance even more actively. The skirmish took place at the 20th minute, as a result, Fishman and his teammates finished the map at the 23rd minute with a score of 21-5

The second map started more calmly, FB was shed only at 7 minutes, in favor of Entity. After that, the teams began the battle phase, with little advantage in either favor. At 16 minutes, thanks to Chen's summons, Entity took the first Roshan and began to actively destroy the opponents' structures. The last fight took place at 31 minutes, it ended in a complete defeat from Fishman and the team, which allowed them to finish the match at 31 minutes with a score of 21-9.

The last map started again with an Entity FB, after which they made 3 more kills, thus completely winning the initial stage. In the mid game, the situation did not change much, the team confidently broke buildings and won fights, which allowed them to take Roshan at 21 minutes. Then the Entity players squeezed the opponents at the base, completely depriving the latter of the farm, which brought an 8k advantage in gold. The decisive skirmish took place at 40 minutes near Roshan's lair, resulting in Entity winning at 43 minutes, with a score of 21-16.

As a result of the match, Team Secret finish the tournament in 2nd place and go to Singapore for the Last Chance Qualifier. In turn, Entity win the qualifier title and go to the upcoming The International 2022 straight to the group stage.

The International 2022: Western Europe Qualifier was held from September 13th to 17th this year in an online format. The top 12 Western European teams that did not qualify for the World Championship based on DPC points are fighting for the only slot in the main stage of The International 2022. The 2nd and 3rd place finishers will travel to Singapore to compete in the Last Chance Qualifier.