Entity will play with Team Secret in the grand final of The International 2022: Western Europe Qualifier

The last qualifiers before The International 2022 are always an interesting sight, especially when it comes to Western Europe, where, among other participants, there were four very famous teams. Today will be the last match in the grand final between Entity and, after which we will find out the name of the winner, who will have a direct ticket to the upcoming TI 2022.

Entity has earned 615 DPC points since the beginning of the season and 17th place in the overall ranking. Starting the qualifiers, being far from being the favorite, the team trampled on the three famous participants. In the first match, Fishman and the team dealt with Alliance, who are now going through hard times. Following the results of a tense struggle on two maps lasting 55 and 49 minutes, the team won the victory. In the next match, they were expected by Team Secret, and again an easy victory with a shutout, the maps lasted 38 and 32 minutes. The final of the upper bracket met Entity with a skirmish against Team Liquid, and even here the team closed the opponents without any problems, two maps of 40 and 48 minutes each. Such an unexpected result makes the team the main contender for victory in the qualifiers.

Team Secret finished the season in 31st place overall, with 787 DPC points. In their first match at the tournament, the team met with representatives of the second division Into The Breach, and despite the advantage they managed to win only after 3 maps. In the next match, the team faced future opponents from Entity, from whom they lost dry on two maps, 38 and 32 minutes each. After hitting a loser, Puppey faced former colleague Kuroky from Nigma Galaxy, and as a result of three cards, he was eliminated from the tournament. In the semi-finals, former rivals from Into The Breach awaited them, and the result was again a victory on 3 maps. In the final of the lower bracket, the most dangerous opponents in the face of Team Liquid were waiting for them, and the match was very exciting. Three maps of 69, 42 and 55 minutes brought Team Secret a slot in the grand final.

Both teams have already earned a place in Singapore for the Last Chance Qualifier, but today only one participant will have the opportunity to go directly to The International 2022 group stage.

Recall that The International 2022: Western Europe Qualifier takes place from September 13th to 17th in an online format. The 12 strongest teams in Western Europe are fighting for a direct invite to The International 2022, as well as two tickets to the Last Chance Qualifier.