ALWAYSWANNAFLY - Talon Esports Coach

The International 2022: Southeast Asia Qualifier has recently ended, where Talon Esports and Polaris Esports played in the final. The winners from the meeting were the first.

23savage and the company showed a decent DotA, and it seems, not without help. As it became clear after the final, the 31-year-old Ukrainian ex-player of NAVI, Winstrike and FlyToMoon ALWAYSWANNAFLY is the coach of Talon Esports.

So, well, I'm a TALON trainer and all these days we were training, btw I have +5 to them, so I got up at 3-4 in the morning. We went to the int, I will continue to improve their game. It's a problem with the kanesh language, more than a couple of people speak English badly.

ALWAYSWANNAFLY joined Talon Esports ahead of The International 2022: Southeast Asia Qualifier. There was no official announcement of Andrey joining the roster from the club.

Talon Esports roster

Talon Esports will play in the group stage of The International 2022. The tournament itself will be held from October 15 to 30 in Singapore, where 20 teams will compete for a prize pool of over 10,000,000.