Team Liquid will meet with Team Secret for a place in the grand final of the Western European qualifiers for The International

The last qualifications in Western Europe before The International 2022 are gradually coming to an end. Today, the penultimate match of the lower bracket final will take place, in which Team Liquid will face Team Secret for the right to advance to the grand final of the qualifiers. bo3 match format.

Team Liquid earned 890 DPC points from the beginning of the season, which ensured them 14th place in the overall standings. The Liquids played their first match at the current qualifiers against the tier-2 team - DGG Esports, and without any problems closed the opponents on two maps for 30 minutes. In the second match, they were expected by another representative of the second division - Goonsquad, the victory against which was given to the Horses a little harder, but according to the results of two maps at 36 and 44 minutes, they secured a place in the final of the upper bracket. The last match Team Liquid played against the notorious Entity, and here the Liquids lost dry. Following the results of a tense struggle on two maps of 40 and 48 minutes each, the team went to the losers' final.

Team Secret from the beginning of the season scored only 78 DPC points, as a result of which they settled on 31st place in the overall ranking. The team played their first match in the tournament against the British team Into The Breach and despite the clear superiority, Puppey and the team managed to win only after 3 maps at 43, 52 and 41 minutes. In the second match, the Secrets were expected to meet with Entity, as a result of which the team lost lightly on two maps of 38 and 32 minutes each, and went to the loser. In the quarterfinals of the lower bracket, they were expected by old acquaintances in the person of Nigma Galaxy, along with captains Kuroky. Based on the results of three intense maps, Team Secret could win the victory, after which they again met with Into The Breach. The match was divided into two parts, on September 16, 2 maps were played, with a total score of 1-1, after which technical problems began on the servers, which we wrote about in our material. The last map was moved to September 17, and after 68 minutes of intense struggle, Team Secret won a place in the finals of the lower bracket.

Both teams have already earned the right to travel to Singapore for the LCQ, and today they are fighting for the opportunity to get a direct ticket to TI 2022.

Recall that The International 2022: Western Europe Qualifier takes place from September 13th to 17th in an online format. The 12 strongest teams in Western Europe are fighting for a direct invite to The International 2022, as well as two tickets to the Last Chance Qualifier.