Soniqs qualified for The International 2022 group stage

Regional qualifiers in North America have come to an end, the winner from there is Soniqs (Quincy Crew). In the finals of the qualifiers, they faced Nouns, who could not prevent Fata and the company from reaching the group stage of The International 2022, the meeting ended with a score of 3:0.

On the first map, there was a classic confrontation between Gyrocopter from nouns and Luna from Soniqs, in which the rider turned out to be stronger. Before the mid-game, the game was even and the gold advantage was at zero, but closer to the late game, the advantage strengthened more and more for Soniqs. The wonderful Black Hole at the 43rd minute put an end to this map, Gyrocopter died without a ransom, he lacked a little less than 200 gold, but it is unlikely that his ransom could have changed anything.

On the second map, the Soniqs team had an excellent laning stage, their gold advantage was just over 4k at the 7th minute, and for Yawar's Phantom Assasin it was a good bell. Yawar was able to farm a fast Battlefury and his advantage only grew. In general, the map was lost even before the mid-game, but we saw GG only at the 43rd minute, and the final gold advantage from Soniqs was more than 54k.

On map number three, Soniqs regained the starting advantage, somehow the nouns with the laning stage did not stick well. This time Phantom Assassin was replaced by Monkey King, who also skillfully distributed his gold and made a good contribution to victory on this map and in the series as a whole.

Recall that The International 2022: North America Qualifier was held from September 8 to 12 of this year in an online format. 12 teams fought for the only slot in the main stage of The International 2022. The participants who took 2nd and 3rd places will go to the Last Chance Qualifier.

Results of The International 2022: North America Qualifier

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