Royal Never Give Up win The International 2022: China Qualifier

The grand final of the regional qualifier for The International 2022 in China has come to an end. Royal Never Give Up fought Xtreme Gaming for the right to go to the main stage of The International 2022. Previously, Xtreme Gaming defeated Vici Gaming in the lower bracket final.

On the first map, Xtreme Gaming had the advantage in the early game. However, after the 13th minute, when Dy and his teammates lost the fight, the initiative passed to Royal Never Give Up. The teams showed a competitive struggle, but at the 28th minute xNova and the team kill the entire opposing team and start to gain momentum. Royal Never Give Up dominate the map with a score of 44:18 in 38 minutes.

The second map was the hottest in the entire bo3 series. Until the 47th minute, RNG and Xtreme Gaming could not determine the leader in the confrontation. The advantage of each side did not exceed 6,500 gold. But in the 50th minute, Somnus and the team make a team wipe and confidently move towards victory. The map lasted 58 minutes and ended with the victory of RNG with a score of 38:36.

Royal Never Give Up had already led the series 2-0 and were on the verge of victory. On the third map, RNG defeated the opponent with a score of 35:16 in 48 minutes. It is worth noting the performance of Somnus both on this map, where he performed with 14-1-11 statistics on Queen of Pain, and in general in the series. The player shows a very solid performance.

Royal Never Give Up 3:0 Xtreme Gaming

RNG receive a slot in the main stage of The International 2022 as a reward for being the champion in the qualifiers. Xtreme Gaming will also go to Singapore, but to participate in the Last Chance Qualifier.

Recall that The International 2022: China Qualifier was held from September 8 to 12 of this year. 13 teams are fighting for the only slot in the main stage of The International 2022. Participants who take 2nd and 3rd places will go to the Last Chance Qualifier.

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