The International 2022: China Qualifier: Surprise EHOME performance and other results of the day

The second gaming day has ended as part of The International 2022: China Qualifier, regional qualifiers for the Dota 2 World Championship. Fans of the strongest competitive region could watch 4 bo3 series in the lower bracket. In this article, we will look at how the first qualifying knockout matches ended.

Ybb gaming vs. Team MagMa

The first map was dominated by Team MagMa. From the 11th minute the team was steadily gaining momentum. Team MagMa prevailed with a score of 32:11 in 35 minutes. It's worth noting that 白也 finished without a single death while playing Faceless Void. His stats were 12-0-11.

Ybb Gaming managed to pull themselves together and outplay the opponent without any problems on two maps in a row, having made a comeback. For this, SJ and the team took 44 and 43 minutes, respectively.

Ybb Gaming 2:1 Team MagMa

Vici Gaming vs Team Fusion

Even before the start of the match, it was clear that we were in for an unequal battle. Vici Gaming took 5th-6th place at The International 2021 last year, while Team Fusion can boast a 6th place in DPC CN 2021/2022 Tour 3: Division II.

Vici Gaming defeated Team Fusion on two maps in a row. Fusion were able to get 22 kills in 2 maps. Vici Gaming will take on Ybb Gaming tomorrow to get one step closer to their coveted trip to The International 2022.

Vici Gaming 2:0 Team Fusion

EHOME vs. ShenZhen

The only surprise of the second qualifying day was EHOME's unexpected loss to ShenZhen. The first map was marked by an extremely competitive confrontation in the 33rd minute, after which Hara and the team seized the initiative and outplayed the opponent with a score of 30:21 in 47 minutes.

The second map was similar to the first. For a long time, none of the participants could determine who would come out ahead in this fight. Just like on the previous map, after the 32nd minute ShenZhen began to rapidly gain an advantage and defeated EHOME with a score of 24:12. The once eminent Chinese club leaves the qualification.

EHOME 0:2 ShenZhen

Invictus Gaming vs LBZS

The closing match of the day was the meeting between Invictus Gaming and LBZS. Invictus Gaming recently advanced to the first division, taking 2nd place in the DPC CN 2021/2022 Tour 3: Division II. After 50 minutes of playing on the first map, LBZS won with a score of 33:19

Invictus Gaming won two maps in a row and managed to advance to the next round of the lower bracket. Tomorrow they will play against ShenZhen.

Invictus Gaming 2:1 LBZS

Tomorrow we expect both matches of the lower bracket and the upper one. All of them will be held in bo3 format. We will also find out the first two participants who will go to Singapore, at least in the Last Chance Qualifier.

Recall that The International 2022: China Qualifier runs from September 8 to 12 this year. 13 teams are fighting for the only slot in the main stage of The International 2022. Participants who take 2nd and 3rd places will go to the Last Chance Qualifier.

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