Results of the first gaming day of qualification for The International 2022 in China

The first gaming day of The International 2022: China Qualifier has come to an end. Fans of the most competitive region on the professional Dota 2 scene were expected to play 5 matches, one of which took place in the lower part of the bracket.

Team Fusion vs. Team Saiyan

The first was an elimination match in the losers' bracket. The format of the fight was bo1, so everything was decided on one map. Battled 6th and 8th DPC CN 2021/2022 Tour 3: Division II. Team Fusion defeated the opponent in 26 minutes. It is worth noting that in the ranking season Team Saiyan also lost to Fusion with a score of 0:2. Lww and the team are the first to leave the qualification and take 13th place.

Team Fusion 1:0 Team Saiyan

Royal Never Give Up vs Ybb gaming

The champions of their region Royal Never Give Up coped with their rivals from Ybb Gaming without any problems on two maps in a row. RNG in the next match will play against Aster.Aries, a duel between two top teams in the region.

Royal Never Give Up 2:0 Ybb Gaming

Vici Gaming vs Aster.Aries

Vici Gaming and Aster.Aries had an extremely equal fight on the first map, which lasted 63 minutes. As a result, Aster.Aries won with a score of 33:32. Aster.Aries won the series much faster on the second map. RedPanda and the team outplayed the opponent with a score of 20:17 in 35 minutes.

VIci Gaming 0:2 Aster.Aries

EHOME vs CDEC Gaming

The confrontation between the teams from the second division of China ended with the victory of the division champion, CDEC Gaming. After a 2-0 triumph, CDEC will play against Xtreme Gaming in the upper bracket semi-finals.

EHOME 0:2 CDEC Gaming

Invictus Gaming vs Xtreme Gaming

Xtreme Gaming in this qualification will try to rehabilitate themselves after the refusal to take part in the Major, which was held in Arlington. Xtreme Gaming confidently outplayed the eminent opponent with a score of 2:0. You can find out more about this match in the relevant news.

Invictus Gaming 0:2 Xtreme Gaming

Tomorrow we are waiting for the matches of the lower bracket. All of them will be held in bo3 format.

Recall that The International 2022: China Qualifier runs from September 8 to 12 this year. 13 teams are fighting for the only slot in the main stage of The International 2022. Participants who take 2nd and 3rd places will go to the Last Chance Qualifier.

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