Hokori guaranteed a spot in the group stage of The International 2022

The qualifiers for The International 2022 in South America have come to an end, and according to their results, the guys from Hokori have qualified for the group stage. In the final match of the qualifier, Thiolicor and the company outplayed the Peruvians from Infamous with a score of 3:0, sending the latter to participate in the Last Chance Qualifier.

By the way, the second slot in the Last Chance Qualifier went to the representatives of Tempest, because in the final of the lower bracket the team was let down by the Internet and they could not finish the first map. After the guys went to the computer club in order to finish the match, however, they did not have time at the time set by the rules and received a forfeit defeat in the second map in a row.

Thus, the list of participants in the Last Chance Qualifier is as follows:

The Last Chance Qualifier will take place from 8 to 12 October at the LAN finals in Singapore, and only the top two out of 12 lineups will go to the group stage of the main championship of the year. The International 2022 itself is scheduled for dates from October 15 to 30 in Singapore, where participants will compete for a prize pool of $1,600,000 + added funds from purchases of in-game items and Battle Passes. At the moment, the fans have managed to collect $8,220,350, and the total prize pool is $9,820,350.