How to get through the Aghanim's Labyrinth: High Magician!

So, I'm sure you've not only seen and heard, but also personally touched the new mode in Dota 2. Aghanim's Labyrinth is the continuation and second part of the PvE mode for 4 players. However, if you really had time to play it, you definitely felt the complexity of at least the last two difficulty levels, IV and V. Perhaps you asked the questions “Which peak will be better? Which hero is the most useful? Are there any secret strategies and tricks? ", And today I will try to answer that!

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I personally analyzed about a dozen games of the fastest passage of the Labyrinth on the V level of difficulty, and based on them I will draw any conclusions.

Initially, 13 characters are available to us. The rest of the heroes that could be played in the first event are opened through the battle pass or the event leveling tree. Fortunately, it is available to all players and fragments for it are farmed in regular matches.

Thoughtful peak is the key to success

Of course, all the characters are good and you can get lucky to carry the Labyrinth with a group of 4 carries or mages, but this applies only to the initial difficulty levels.

Obviously, just like in a normal game, the pick is extremely important here. But it is very important not to rewrite yourself. It is worth paying attention to allied heroes and filling different roles in the team. Otherwise, at higher difficulty levels, you can leave the game immediately after the unsuccessful pick.

Let's talk about these roles themselves:

Many will say that the basis is damage and clearing waves. And they will be absolutely right. The amount of damage your carries will be critical here. Therefore, the main parameter for them will be the ability to scale. Therefore, this role is well suited: Templar Assassin, Void Spirit, Juggernaut, Weaver, Drow Ranger. More often than not, we will definitely see at least two champions from this list in the team.

The other two roles are tank and support. And in 9 games out of 10, these are two titans who hold difficult levels of the game on their shoulders: Undying and Phoenix.

Undying is objectively the best tank in this mode. Self-healing, reducing the lives of opponents, summoning zombies that distract a lot of attention. When properly assembled, it has no less utility than the best support.

Phoenix - massive and excellent control of your ultimate, incredible magic damage, weakening enemies with Fire Spirits, which simply will not let the team die. Without it, it will be incredibly difficult at the beginning of the game.

Here is an example of the pick of the Chinese group, which, although not on the first try, were able to take first place in terms of the time for passing the Labyrinth of Aghanim:

Undying, Phoenix, Templar Assassin, Weaver.

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With this strategy, the guys put a lot of emphasis on damage and armor reduction with Weaver, TA and the purchase of Desolator. At the same time, damage is being tanked not only for the hero, but also for the Weaver beetles, together with the zombies Undying, which saves quite a lot. On some bosses, especially at the beginning, TA can take damage instead of Undying, while it is not yet tank enough. All this with the help of her first skill - Refraction. At the same time, Phoenix does tons of damage while the main carries have not yet managed to get enough items and greatly weakens the attacks of opponents throughout the game.

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As you can see, the essence of such a peak is in the maximum synergy of the heroes, as well as their ability to replace each other at certain stages of the game.

What's the strategy?

Strategy is no less important aspect of the game than pick. But, I will note that "Everything that is ingenious is simple, and everything that is simple is ingenious." To successfully clear rooms in the Aghanim's Labyrinth, you should know two things:

one. How to collect enemies in a narrow passage.

2. How to kite them correctly.

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With the proper team play and mutual assistance, mobs will fall from your abilities quickly and efficiently. And with a good kite and timely transfer of agra, everyone will remain alive. Never stand still in this mode!

And bosses should be fixed as much as possible in place using the existing calls and abilities. This will make it easier to avoid their mechanics and accidental carry deaths.

Little chips and secrets

I am more than sure that over time there will be cunning and savvy players who will find abuses and workarounds to cope with the challenge of Aghanim faster, but not entirely honest. But we are not talking about that.

Therefore, now I will tell you game mechanics that you can use to make it easier for yourself to play. And also the moments of the maze itself, which are worth paying special attention to.

How to get through the Aghanim's Labyrinth: High Magician!. Photo 5

In rooms 1 - 4 "Tunnels of Asiyog" there are places where ranged heroes can attack mobs on the next portal through the wall. This will be possible if Weaver or Phoenix have previously aggroed them with their abilities.

How to get through the Aghanim's Labyrinth: High Magician!. Photo 6

After you and your team have cleared the "Stonehold Citadel", you will enter the quarry. There, for sure, everyone needs to go to Tiny and take his buff. Although it reduces your maximum movement speed, you get a very noticeable increase in lives.

How to get through the Aghanim's Labyrinth: High Magician!. Photo 7

But after the "Frozen Gorge", you will have the option to play an additional round of the "Scarification" mini-game. Any hero with flight mechanics like Phoenix flying during Sun Ray can legally skip most of the traps.

Perhaps this is all you need to know to successfully complete the Aghanim's Labyrinth. I can only wish you good luck with patience and good teammates!