DPC Events Digest 2021/22 Tour 1

Western Europe

In Western Europe, teams began to play and gain momentum, so the results are very unpredictable. So Team Secret, who were considered the clear favorites, lost to the guys from Nigma Galaxy and now the latter have one victory in four matches. It is also worth mentioning the guys from Team Tickles who managed to score as many as three wins in four meetings, and this is even considering that they were collected right before the start of the rating season.

From the worst side, the guys from Alliance continue to show themselves and they are almost the main contender for relegation to the lower division, and the reshuffle was not aimed at such a result.

It is also worth noting that representatives of No Bounty Hunter are the worst team in the lower division of the European division, and after three defeats in a row, they did not show up for the fourth game and received a forfeit defeat.

Eastern Europe

In Eastern Europe, things are a little more predictable, but not without surprises. It is quite expected that Team Spirit still don’t know the bitterness of defeat, however, they surprise HellRaisers, who have not lost in a single match so far. We can also highlight Natus Vincere, as their first matches horrified fans because of the quality of the game, but after a couple of weeks Solo and the company found their game and began to win.

B8 Esports still cannot show any games in the lower division. Dendi and company have lost their fourth out of four matches in a row and are the main contenders to be eliminated from the championship.

Southeast Asia

This region brought a big surprise to Dota 2 fans, because the region's favorites represented by TNC Predator lost three matches, and in the next stage they will have a match with the leaders of the group represented by BOOM Esports and this meeting does not bode well for YoungGod and the company.

The lower division is dominated by Polaris and Nigma Galaxy SEA, and InterActive Philippines from the open qualifier are unlikely to win even one match. At the moment, Nishababy and the company have "squeezed" only two cards during the entire event.

North America

The Quincy Crew hold the undisputed leadership in North America with a 4-0 record, but the most interesting team in the region is Evil Geniuses. Nightfall and the company continues to "storm", but after two defeats they managed to pull themselves together and beat simply TOOBASED.