Official: Xtreme Gaming Unveils New Season Roster

The Xtreme Gaming team has formed a roster with eminent Chinese players and will play in the second division of the DPC - China. They have J on carry, last season he played for Sparking Arrow Gaming, in the mid lane of Paparazi (Eurus), in difficult Srf (Ava), as well as a bunch of supports from Vici Gaming - Pyw (Tank) and Dy.

On the team registration site, the organization has long added players to its roster, it was not clear until the end about the first position, but J from Sparking Arrow Gaming ended up there.

It is noteworthy that there are still no details about the upcoming DPC divisions in China, the teams are still actively registering players, which means that their season may begin very soon. Pyw and Srf changed their nicknames, the former will play as Tank, and the latter as Ava.

A complete roster of Xtreme Gaming

- J - Paparazi - Ava - Tank - Dy