sQreen has assembled a new roster - Magnificat for DPC qualifiers

Khaled sQreen El-Habbash decided to put together a mix to participate in the open qualifier for DPC - Eastern Europe. The roster contains Desperate-, which is in the PuckChamp stock; pio65 has not played in the competitive scene since 2020, after the moment with B8 Esports.

Added jAM3S and Proletariy roster; first played for Cascade last season, and before that was in Imperial Pro Gaing, Team Empire Hope, Team Empire and Cyberium Seed. Proletariy managed to play as a substitute for B8 Esports, but did not suit them.

The first open qualifier for the DPC Second Division - Eastern Europe will start on November 26, where we will see the Magnificat mix.

Magnificat Roster

- Desperate- - pio65 - Proletariy - jAM3S - sQreen