Exciting Expansion: Modern Warfare 3 Ranked Play Welcomes New Maps & Community Feedback Drives Future Updates!

Treyarch has announced that on March 25, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3's Ranked Play will be enhanced with the introduction of two new maps, Vista and Departures. The decision to permanently include these maps in the professional circuit's map pool will be influenced by the community's response.

This update follows the March 13 adjustments to Ranked Play, which saw the removal of the JAK Glassless Optic and tweaks to the Hardpoint spawns on Skidrow to reduce spawn flip occurrences. Additionally, a map from Season 1's post-launch, Rio, was added to Ranked Play in early February, continuing the effort to refresh the game mode's map selection.

Through a tweet, Treyarch shared that these maps would be available across all Ranked game modes, including Hardpoint, Control, and Search and Destroy, starting March 25. The studio is seeking player feedback through Twitter using the hashtag #MW3RankedPlay to decide on their inclusion in the Call of Duty League's map roster.


The introduction of Vista and Departures might lead to the removal of less favored maps such as Invasion and Terminal from certain modes, depending on player reception. Additionally, Call of Duty has made adjustments to the Longbow sniper rifle, aligning its aim assist with other rifles and increasing flinch to balance close-quarters encounters. The BAS-B sniper rifle's JAK Outlaw-277 conversion kit has also been re-balanced.

Sledgehammer has hinted at the possible return of the Capture the Flag mode, previously featured in Black Ops 2's League Play, Call of Duty's inaugural ranked mode. Despite its popularity in Treyarch's system, its comeback to the modern competitive scene remains uncertain.

Furthermore, Amazon Prime subscribers have the opportunity to claim a free Call of Duty bundle until April 25, which includes two weapon blueprints among other items, enhancing the gaming experience for Prime members.