Unlock the Exclusive Golden Phantom Ghost Skin for Free in COD Warzone Mobile & MW3: Your Complete Guide!

Call of Duty Warzone Mobile is poised for its global debut on March 21, 2024, promising to deliver the beloved COD battle royale experience to mobile fans. This launch is anticipated to introduce a host of updates, new content, features, and fixes for a thousand bugs. Notably, the mobile version will include cherished maps such as Rebirth Island and Verdansk, among other fan-favorites.

In addition to these major enhancements and exciting content, players will have the opportunity to obtain the coveted Golden Phantom Skin by engaging with Warzone Mobile. For those aiming to add the new Ghost skin to their collection, here's a guide on securing it for free in both Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone Mobile.

Securing the Free Golden Phantom Ghost Skin in MW3 & Warzone Mobile


To unlock the Golden Phantom Ghost Skin in MW3 and Warzone Mobile, players are required to engage in the Operation: Day Zero event. This special Warzone Mobile event offers players the chance to earn Community rewards available for a limited time. The rewards span across Modern Warfare 3, Warzone, and Warzone Mobile, with the extent of rewards earned increasing with player engagement, including the prized Golden Phantom Ghost Skin.

To take part in Operation: Day Zero, download and launch Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile following its release on March 21, 2024, and participate in Operation: Day Zero. Although the exact challenges have yet to be detailed, players will need to complete a sequence of objectives to claim their rewards.

Rewards from Operation: Day Zero extend beyond the Golden Phantom Ghost Skin, allowing players to earn:

Upon completing these challenges, players can claim their rewards in the Store. Call of Duty’s cross-progression feature enables players to utilize these rewards in other COD titles, such as MW3, by linking their Activision Account to Warzone Mobile.

Mark your calendars, as the Operation: Day Zero event is set to commence on March 21, 2024, aligning with Warzone Mobile's worldwide launch, offering a fresh way to experience the action and unlock exclusive content.