Warzone Mobile Sets Launch Date: Exclusive Playlists, Verdansk Returns, and Cross-Progression Unveiled

The unveiling of Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile's initial playlists signals a pivotal expansion for the franchise, blending battle royale with traditional 6v6 gameplay modes. This eagerly awaited addition to the Call of Duty series distinguishes itself with fresh capabilities not found in its predecessor, Call of Duty Mobile.

After more than a year since its first reveal, the launch date for Warzone Mobile was set for March 21, as announced by Activision in February. This announcement also highlighted several key features, including cross-progression with the original Warzone and Modern Warfare 3, comprehensive controller support, and the re-introduction of the iconic Verdansk map. Ahead of its wide release, select regions had access to a pre-launch version of the game, showcasing impressive graphics on high-end smartphones.

Activision recently detailed the playlists that players can anticipate at launch on the Call of Duty official website. These include a traditional Battle Royale mode with a player capacity of 120, and a Mobile Royale mode offering enhanced loot, additional missions, and brisker combat, both set in the familiar landscape of Verdansk. A Rebirth Resurgence playlist on Rebirth Island introduces mechanics for player redeployment during matches under certain conditions. Additionally, the game will feature classic Call of Duty 6v6 gameplay in its Mosh Pit and Shoot the Ship playlists, featuring maps like Scrapyard, El Asilo, Hotel, Shipment, and Shoot House.

Playlists at Launch for Warzone Mobile:


Activision plans to refresh Warzone Mobile's playlists over time, akin to the update cycles seen in Warzone and Modern Warfare 3. The game will support cross-progression, linking account levels and battle pass achievements across platforms. Players who have purchased the current battle pass in Call of Duty will find it automatically available in Warzone Mobile, along with their progress. Moreover, upon the game's release, players can secure five unique items through the Season 2 battle pass, although these will be exclusive to the mobile platform.

In addition to game content, Activision has outlined the control options for Warzone Mobile, which include touchscreen controls, support for the Backbone One controller, and compatibility with Bluetooth controllers, such as the Xbox Wireless Controller and PlayStation 5 DualSense. While the Backbone One controller, priced at $99, is recommended for its optimal performance, players can also opt for other Bluetooth controllers, though they may experience slower response times.