Enter the Enchanted Battlefield: Call of Duty: Mobile Unveils Spellbinding Fairytale Crossover in Season 1: Soldier's Tale!

Call of Duty: Mobile is set to kick off its fourth year with an enchanting twist, introducing a new crossover with classic fairytales in the upcoming Season 1: Soldier's Tale, scheduled to begin on January 10 at 4 PM PT. As the game persists in delivering fresh content to captivate players, this season promises to elevate the experience with a magical infusion.

Known for its diverse range of character skins, Call of Duty: Mobile has previously featured iconic collaborations, such as the Snoop Dogg Christmas skin and appearances from Ghost in the Shell, SAW's Billy the Puppet, and football stars Neymar Jr., Lionel Messi, and Paul Pogba. The latest announcement unveils an imaginative crossover, bringing beloved fairytale characters to life through premium battle pass rewards and lucky draws.

The premium battle pass rewards include captivating skins like Death Angel Alice - Wonder Lost, Cipher - Hatter's Grin, Daniel - Hangman, and Artery - Heartless Queen. Meanwhile, lucky draws will offer unique skins such as Witch Doctor - Doctor Raven, Templar - Wolfen Raider, Shattered Glass - Fiona St. George, Sophia - Blood-Red Hood, and Codename: Lazarus - Mortal Fear. Additionally, exclusive weapon blueprints like QQ9 - Dragon's Roar, ICR - Witch's Gift, S36 - Caterpillar's Poetry, Striker - Death Spiral, and LW3-Tundra - Red Queen's Rebuke will be up for grabs for premium battle pass owners. Free rewards will include the LW3-Tundra Sniper Rifle and the AK117 - Last Hope.

In addition to the fairy-tale crossover, the Soldier's Tale season will introduce the Atrium multiplayer map, originally featured in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare in 2019. Characterized by intricate layouts and tight spaces, this map challenges players to strategically navigate their surroundings. The 1000 Blades event will enable players to collect daggers for item exchanges, including the FFAR 1 - Mad Hatter's Revenge weapon blueprint and the Operator: Zero - Soldier Royal skin.

As the new season unfolds, Call of Duty: Mobile promises an array of seasonal challenges and introduces the Call of Duty: Mobile Web Store, allowing players from selected regions to purchase COD Points. Despite the initial concerns surrounding the announcement of Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile, Call of Duty: Mobile continues to thrive, proving its resilience with consistent updates and engaging content. With the imminent release of this enchanting crossover, players can anticipate a spellbinding experience in the first season of 2024.