Call of Duty: Warzone Takes Swift Action Against Overpowered Lockwood Attachment

In a recent move, Call of Duty: Warzone has tackled one of the game's most formidable attachments, the Lockwood 300's Maelstrom Dual Trigger. Renowned for allowing players to unleash both barrels simultaneously, delivering an unprecedented amount of damage, the attachment had become a cause for concern within the gaming community.

The Lockwood's Maelstrom Dual Trigger was introduced in Warzone's Season 6 update in September, amplifying the weapon's damage potential significantly. While the attachment initially faced a range nerf in October, recent patches unintentionally restored it to its original strength. Responding to player outcry, Warzone disabled the Maelstrom Dual Trigger on December 19, following a trend of promptly disabling problematic items until a proper fix is implemented—a strategy previously employed with the Tyr's Snakeshot ammo.

This proactive approach to addressing imbalances in the game has garnered praise from the Call of Duty community. The rapid response to the recent issues surrounding the Lockwood attachment stands in stark contrast to past instances where overpowered items lingered in the game for an extended period before adjustments were made.


While the removal of the Maelstrom Dual Trigger may disappoint its enthusiasts, it is a preferable scenario compared to its unbridled dominance upon introduction in September. The recent incident reflects a positive trend in the development team's ability to swiftly address and rectify broken elements within the game.

Warzone, having received a major update in December with a new map, gulag, gameplay features, and more, continues to vie for dominance among popular battle royales. The game's proactive approach to handling issues with weapons and attachments signals a promising trajectory for its future competitiveness against rivals like Fortnite and Apex Legends.