Warzone Mobile Unleashes Festive Fury: Christmas Update Transforms Verdansk into a Snowy Battleground!

The highly anticipated Warzone Mobile is currently in its beta phase, accessible only in select countries, generating widespread excitement among gamers worldwide. Despite its limited availability, developers have been actively rolling out updates, including a special Christmas event that blankets the WZ Mobile's Verdansk map in a layer of snow.

Verdansk holds a special place as the most cherished and popular map within the Warzone community, with players eagerly awaiting its return in the main version. Notably, the mobile version's primary map is the renowned Verdansk map.


Presently, Warzone Mobile is only accessible in a few countries, including Australia, Norway, Chile, and Sweden. Following the success of Call of Duty: Mobile and Warzone, Activision broadened its reach by introducing WZMobile. The official announcement was made in September 2022, with the Beta version initially launched in Australia and later expanded to Norway, Chile, and Sweden. Germany was also confirmed as the latest limited-release region.

Despite a series of delays, the global release of WZ Mobile is expected in the spring of 2024. Ahead of the global launch, developers treated players to an exciting Christmas update that transformed Verdansk into a winter wonderland, covering the entire map with snow.

The Call of Duty community, spanning PC, console, and mobile platforms, is experiencing a range of emotions. Mobile players are eagerly anticipating the game's global release, while PC and console players envy the snowy version of Verdansk, expressing their desire for its availability on these platforms.


When it comes to Warzone Mobile maps and modes, the global launch will feature two popular maps from the original game—Verdansk and Rebirth Island. Additional maps, such as Vondel, Ashika Island, Al Mazrah, and others, may be added to this mobile version in the future.

Officially confirmed by Activision, WZ Mobile will host lobbies with 120 players. The mobile version mirrors the PC and console versions, offering modes like Solo, Duos, Trios, and Quads for both Battle Royale and Resurgence.

Developers have assured players that Warzone Mobile will include cross-progression with WZ and Modern Warfare 3, along with a unified Battle Pass system.