Call of Duty testers were cut

Representatives of the portal The Washington Post claim that the American company Raven Software, which in cooperation with the Treyarch studio develops Call of Duty games, including the latest Vanguard, has laid off at least 12 testers. The reason was the restructuring of the company, which requires the departure of some employees. According to The Washington Post, the studio will lose another third of its testers.

A series of disappointing meetings with QA engineers began on December 3rd and will run until December 8th. A few days ago, it became known that Activision Blizzard has ended its partnership with tapfin recruiting agency and started working with their competitors Volt. All testers of Activision Blizzard's subsidiary Raven Software, who will remain in the state, will go to the Volt and receive a salary increase of $ 1.5 per hour and will be not $ 17/hour, but $ 18.5/hour.

Raven Software, of course, were unhappy with this situation, since all orders to release employees from obligations to the company came from above, that is, from Blizzard Activision. Austin O'Brien, the current community manager of Raven Software, expressed particular displeasure with what was happening. He shed some light on the situation and said that the company's management always promised employees a pay increase, but did not report the very high price behind these increases - the layoff of a third of employees who will never see the promised pay restructuring.

Austin O'Brien's comment:

I'm devastated. For several months, my friends in the QA department at Raven have been told that Activision is working on a pay restructuring to increase their pay. Today, these team members took turns summoned to a meeting and told they were firing.

Activision Blizzard has been moving along the black media strip for quite a long time and their actions are getting less and less approval from the community. Due to repeated scandals surrounding the company, the organizers of the annual The Game Awards 2021 refused to issue an invitation from Activision Blizzard.

Call of Duty developers have postponed the launch of the first crossover season of CoD Vanguard and CoD Warzone to December 9th. The start of the season will usher in the Caldera map, a new Battle Pass in Warzone, and a variety of character customization options.