Alliance intends to increase investments in VALORANT

According to the BLIX.GG portal, the Swedish eSports organization Alliance intends to increase investment in the VALORANT discipline. It is reported that the club intends to seriously spend money on its division, as well as re-assemble the squad around SEIDER and coach Desmo.

A little later, the information was confirmed by the organization itself. According to Alliance, the club plans to stay in the discipline in order to send a significant part of the budget here and achieve success in the TIER-2 scene with further entry into the partner ecosystem.

Alliance has been in VALORANT since the end of 2020. During this time, the club has changed several lineups, which brought it victory at the Finest Invitational, as well as getting into the top three at the VALORANT Open Tour: France - Fall Qualifier and VALORANT Open Tour: France Finals.

It is noteworthy that the organization disbanded its last roster back in June, as it failed in the VALORANT Regional Leagues 2022 Northern Europe: Polaris Stage 2, taking only 8th place.

Plans for the Alliance roster will be to keep a core of three Scandinavian players as they are likely to stay in the Polaris league. At the same time, the organization will study proposals from North America and Europe in order to form a combat-ready squad.

The club's management hopes that significant investments will help achieve short-term success and get into the European League very soon. As you know, Riot Games left the opportunity for teams from the TIER-2 scene to break into the upper echelon through the Ascension series.

The current roster of the Alliance in the VALORANT discipline: