Sayf leaves Guild Esports starting roster

Sayf has announced his departure from Guild Esports ' VALORANT starting roster . The 21-year-old Swedish esportsman explained his decision by the fact that the organization was not included in the number of partners for the European League. The corresponding statement was published on the player's social networks.

The recent news that Guild Esports is not participating in the affiliate program means that I have been allowed to explore new opportunities as an unrestricted free agent. Open to all offers from Europe and North America.

Sayf joined Guild Esports in early 2021 after moving from Ninjas to Pajamas. Over two seasons, the 21-year-old Swedish esportsman helped the team win the VALORANT Champions Tour 2021: Europe Stage 1 Challengers 3, as well as get into the TOP 3 at VALORANT Champions Tour 2021: Europe Stage 1 Masters, VALORANT Champions Tour 2021: Europe Stage 2 Challengers 1 and VALORANT Champions Tour 2021: EMEA Last Chance Qualifier.

Nevertheless, the past season can hardly be called successful for the European team. While Guild Esports finished third in the Summer Split, the team also took part in the Masters in Copenhagen.

The day before, Riot Games officially unveiled a list of 30 partners in Europe, America and Asia.

However, Guild Esports still did not make it to the final VALORANT Champions 2022, and at the same time did not qualify for the partner league for the next season. It is likely that Sayf's example will be followed by other players on the team who are no longer holding anything in the organization.

Guild Esports current roster for VALORANT: