KOI, Vitality, Fnatic - who will get into the affiliate program next year

While Riot Games officials promise to release the final list of partners this week, various insiders have taken to sharing private information with their readers. In this material, we propose to put all the rumors together and provide an approximate list of partners in each of the regions. Of course, only information from verified insiders is taken into account.

Last week, Riot Games officially unveiled the updated format for the next VALORANT VCT 2023 competitive season. Details can be found in our previous article.


The current list of EMEA organizations in the partner league, according to various journalists: Karmine Corp, KOI, fnatic, Liquid and Vitality. It is known for sure that the company represented by the organizations will be a club from Turkey, while the rest of the participants have yet to be determined.

As for FunPlus Phoenix, the leader of its region, there is some interesting information from the insider Dr_ALPH4, who, however, was rarely wrong. According to the journalist, the Chinese club will be left without a place in the partner league for the next season, despite all the success of the squad.

The league will be hosted in Berlin, with ten selected partners from Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.

North America

According to early insiders, OpTic Gaming should be among the partners. From Brazil, three clubs should get into the partner league - LOUD, FURIA and Gamelanders. Information on other possible participants has not yet been received.

The venue for the competition will be Los Angeles - ten selected partners from North America, Brazil and Latin America.


The most unambiguous region is almost 100% staffed. Of course, the information is at the level of rumors, but given the connections of the Bleed eSports manager, this list can definitely be trusted: DRX, Gen.G, Esports DAMWON Gaming, Nongshim RedForce, SANDBOX Gaming, ZETA DIVISION, Team Secret, Talon Esports Global Esports, PWR/Renegades.

The venue for the events will be Seoul, ten selected partners from Southeast Asia, South Korea, Japan and Oceania.