Sheydos started looking for a new team outside of M3 Champions

Sheydos announced his departure from the M3 Champions team and the start of the search for a team for the next competitive season. The 20-year-old e-sportsman announced this on social networks.

From today I am ready to consider individual offers. Thanks for all the good memories and moments we had in 🇬🇧 Gambit, but it's time to move on alone. I'm sure we'll play with my brothers again. From today I am ready to consider individual offers.

Sheydos has been playing for M3 Champions (formerly known as Gambit Esports) since September 2020. During this time, the 20-year-old esportsman became the winner of VALORANT Champions Tour 2021: CIS Stage 1 Masters, VCT 2021: CIS Stage 2 Challengers 2, VCT 2021: CIS Stage 3 Challengers 1, VCT 2021: EMEA Stage 3 Challengers Playoffs and VCT 2021: Stage 3 Masters - Berlin.

In addition, together with the team, he managed to reach the finals at VALORANT Champions 2021 and VCT 2022: EMEA Last Chance Qualifier.

However, the team faced big problems during this season. First, having lost the organization, the team did not get into any major championship, and after that, as it seems, they lost their chances to find a new club. At the same time, at the end of August, the team left nAts, which also announced the search for a new club.

At the same time, the well-known insider George Geddes threw fuel on the fire and said that the M3 Champions roster would finally disintegrate. After the departure of their leaders, the team plans to go their separate ways, as they were unable to find an organization to continue joint performances. At the same time, the players themselves have good offers from North America, thereby intensifying speculation in the transfer market.

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