ESportsConnected rebranded

The leadership of the esports organization ESportsConnected said that the club has joined forces with On Sla2ers and now the players of the Valorant roster will play under this tag.

The Valorant roster was assembled quite recently. On December 25, Sung-shin 'GodDead' Kim joined the ranks of the organization, and on December 27, the management signed contracts with Jun-juk 'zunba' Kim, Jun-ki 'Bazzi' Park and took Sung-won 'k1Ng' Lee on loan from DRX. The team was completed on January 25 with the arrival of Tei-shoka 'TS' Yu. The players only competed in the open and closed qualifiers for the VCT 2022 Korea Stage 1 Challengers and successfully qualified.

Sla2ers competed in the closed qualifier for the VCT 2022 Korea Stage 1 Challengers under the ESportsConnected tag. The team managed to get into the top 8 and become a participant in the main event. Right now, thanks to this, On Sla2ers are performing at the VCT 2022 Korea Stage 1 Challengers. They will play their debut match against Maru Gaming on February 24th.

On Sla2ers line-up