m1tez left Oxygen Esports roster

m1tez has announced its departure from the Oxygen Esports starting lineup. The 21-year-old Turkish esportsman said that he is still connected with the organization by a contract, but is ready to consider offers to continue his career.

m1tez joined Oxygen Esports last September when the North American organization signed the looking4org roster. During this time, the 21-year-old Turkish esportsman managed to win VCT 2021: Turkey Stage 1 Challengers 1, VCT 2021: Turkey Stage 1 Challengers 2, as well as get into the TOP-4 within First Strike Turkey, VCT 2021: Turkey Stage 1 Masters, VCT 2021: Turkey Stage 2 Challengers 1, VCT 2021: EMEA Stage 2 Challengers Finals and VCT 2021: Turkey Stage 3 Challengers 1.

However, a failure in the fall part of the season prompted the organization to rethink its roster. In particular, the team said goodbye to m1tez, glovee, Unity and Toronto, allowing all four to look for options to continue their careers.

The current roster of Oxygen Esports is as follows: