xms joined TENSTAR

British esports organization TENSTAR has announced line-up changes for VALORANT, signing a deal with xms. The 24-year-old French esportsman is called to replace Russ, who left the team in the middle of last month.

xms moved from the CS: GO discipline to VALORANT at the beginning of 2021, appearing together with the Almost International team. Already in February, the Frenchman joined Team Finest, from which he did not achieve significant heights, but still proved himself for the transition to Alliance. However, the 24-year-old esportsman did not stay with the new team, leaving the main roster after an unsuccessful qualification for the VALORANT Open Tour: France. As a result, the player spent the last six months inactive, looking for opportunities to continue his career.

In turn, TENSTAR ended the season with a TOP-4 at Red Bull Home Ground # 2. However, this did not save the team from line-up changes, as a result of which Russ was transferred to the bench. Nevertheless, with the arrival of xms, the organization intends to settle the roster for the next season.

From now on, the TENSTAR line-up is as follows: