pyth joins Bleed eSports

Singapore-based esports organization Bleed eSports has announced that it has signed a deal with pyth. The team is expected to continue performing in their region.

"I am leaving Sweden in January and moving to Singapore to participate in VCT Southeast Asia in 2022. Really excited about the future, the team already looks really promising,"pyth wrote.

The 28-year-old Swedish esportsman appeared on the professional stage as part of G2 Esports, with whom he became the winner of the Vitality European Open, WePlay! Invitational, Cup, Allied Esports Odyssey, BLAST Twitch Invitational and Red Bull Home Ground, and also reached the semi-finals of First Strike Europe.

However, in the summer of 2021, the player was transferred to the bench, after which pyth spent six months in the shadow of the competitive scene. As a result, it was only in November that the esportsman's contract with the organization expired, after which the 28-year-old Swede began looking for ways to continue his career.

In turn, the original Bleed eSports roster was formed in September 2021, when the organization signed the UwU team. In a short time, the Singaporean team managed to take second place in the KJC eSports VALORANT Invitational. However, in November the team underwent significant changes, as a result of which the team said goodbye to Chrysania, jarpiX and FrostyZ.

It is reported that the Bleed eSports roster may be joined by another Swedish player - maxie, who was last seen with the Legendary Donkey Destroyers.

The current roster of Bleed eSports is as follows: