avez left Anubis Gaming

avez has announced its departure from Anubis Gaming. The player made a difficult decision to try his hand at the European stage. However, the organization said it will share plans for the team's future in the near future.

It was not easy for me to make this decision, but in my future there were going to be changes. I want to thank every player on my old team for their trust and I hope that you will make all your dreams come true, because you are the people I love the most in my life. Thanks of course Anubis Gaming, and thank you also for every moment I have been with you. I decided that I needed to try myself in the EU region to show the world what I am capable of.

avez joined Anubis Gaming in March 2021. During his eight months as a member of the team, the player won numerous tournaments on the local stage, including Strike Arabia League: Levant and North Africa Season 1, Razer Invitational Middle East - Egypt, Strike Arabia Grand Finals and Mena Cups: Levant and Egypt - Grand Finals. In addition, avez managed to perform at VCT 2021: EMEA Last Chance Qualifier and Red Bull Home Ground # 2.

From now on, the roster of Anubis Gaming is as follows: