FURY Reveals New Rainbow Six Roster

Australian eSports organization FURY has unveiled a new Rainbow Six roster by signing Squadron. It is reported that the team will perform in the APAC South region.

Joseph Basso, CEO of FURY:

In our previous efforts in the APAC region, with our former PUBG roster, we have built a strong fan base in Thailand and wanted to continue to grow and develop our fan base outside of Oceania. After the disbandment of QConfirm in November 2021, we thought it was a great opportunity to return to Rainbow Six at TIER-1, along with some of the best players in Thailand who have been playing together since May 2018.

We are extremely excited about the upcoming season at APAC South and we can't wait to further expand our presence and cooperation in Thailand in the future.

The main new FURY line-up was the Squadron team, formed at the end of last year after leaving the QConfirm organization. Together, Thai esportsmen have shown good results in the past, winning GAKGUAY Scrimmage - Season 1 and World eSports Challenge - 2021, as well as taking second place in Buriram Proving Ground: Rainbow Six Siege Tournament Season 1 and Operation League Thailand Season 5.

The team sets high goals for itself, in particular, to qualify for the Six Major 2022 and Six Invitational 2023.

From now on, the composition of FURY for Rainbow Six is as follows: