BKN left DarkZero Esports

North American esports organization DarkZero Esports has announced its parting ways with BKN. Recall that the 31-year-old American specialist has been in the structure of the club since October 2018.

Today we say goodbye to BKN. Jordan has been a key part of DarkZero since we started, evolving every day, adapting to different roles, promoting both himself and DZ. Thank you for everything you've done at DarkZero, Jordan.

BKN joined DarkZero Esports at the end of 2018, leading the Rainbow Six team. Together with the team, the 31-year-old American specialist has achieved considerable success by winning Pro League Season 10 - North America, as well as taking second place in Pro League Season 9 - North America and Pro League Season 10 - Finals.

The last tournament for BKN as a coach of DarkZero Esports was the Six Invitational 2020, following which the team took 5th-6th place and earned $150,000. However, the American remained in the organization, moving to the role of brand coordinator. In this position, BKN oversaw the development of the club over the next year and a half.

The current Rainbow Six DarkZero Esports roster is as follows: