Fenix Esports promoted Gonna to Rainbow 6 main roster

Fenix Esports' Twitter account revealed that the player from their academic Rainbow 6 roster in the person of Gonna has become part of the original roster and at the same time is entering a new level of the competitive scene. The Mexican became part of the Fenix Esports Academy in the first half of 2021. Together with his new teammates, Gonna competed in several championships and achieved some success. For example, at Copa Mexico - Season 2021: Stage 1, the team took first place and earned $ 2,000. In the second stage of Copa Mexico Season 2021, the player with his teammates took 5-8 places, but this did not prevent the Fenix Esports management from transferring Gonna to the main team in Rainbow 6. There he will accompany such players as Pedro 'BOPE' Monga, Saul 'Morphed 'Torres, Daniel' P1XIE 'Castelo and Pablo' Paby 'Medina.

Gonna's career started in 2020 under the ESTORM tag. He later played in the ranks of La Fiera FC and Fenix Esports Academy. In his entire career, he was able to earn only $ 1,030.

Updated Fenix Esports R6 Siege roster: