Zorman retires from Rainbow Six Siege

22-year-old Rainbow Six Siege player Emerson 'Zorman' Llanos has posted on social media that he is retiring from the discipline. The last team he played with was Infamous.

Emerson began his career in 2020 playing TheHomies. After that, he moved to the ranks of ACE1, and then continued on to Rebellions Gaming and Infamous Gaming. The player in R6 could not achieve much success, and therefore decided to devote his time to something else.

His best career results were 5th-8th place at Copa del Sur - Season 2021: Stage 3 and 6th position at Campeonato Sudamericano 2021. In both tournaments he played under the Infamous tag. For the 5th-8th place in the copa del Sur - Season 2021 Stage 3, he and his team received only $ 250, but for the 6th place in the Campeonato Sudamericano 2021 standings, the team earned $ 4,000.

There are four players left in Infamous Gaming. Their Rainbow Six Siege roster now looks like this: