Early Notes for League of Legends Patch 14.14 Released

The early notes for League of Legends patch 14.14 are now live. Riot Games has provided a preview of the changes that players can expect when the official update drops next week.

Key Highlights of Patch 14.14


Detailed Changes in Patch 14.14

Champion Buffs:

Champion Nerfs:

Champion Adjustments:

System Adjustments:

Riot's Statement on Nerfs

Regarding the nerfs in patch 14.14, Riot stated:“We’re looking at reducing the power of early sustain (Fleet adjustments in 14.15 as well) by nerfing Absorb Life in the early game and skewing its power more towards late game. We are also reducing the power of Tristana’s early game pushing power and Corki’s scaling to shift him more towards the bot lane, alongside an overall nerf to him due to wrong max orders depressing his win rate.”

On Warmog’s Armor, Riot added:“Warmog’s is finally in a spot where it’s seeing play, which is good, but it’s a little too good in general, especially as a first item on supports. For some champions, we’re OK with it as a first rush, but primarily it should be a good second item, so we’re nerfing it generally. We think Warmog’s is a great tank pattern and are happy it’s seeing more play.”

Release Date

League of Legends patch 14.14 is expected to go live on July 17, 2024.